Boston University School of Social Work

Tuition and Financial Aid Overview

Online Program students may be eligible for loans through federal, state, and personal sources and/or tuition reimbursement through employers as well as veterans benefits program. 

The first step in applying for federal loan consideration is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application will determine your eligibility for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan. Once you have been accepted to Boston University, visit FAFSA’s web site to begin the application process.

The online Master of Social Work program at Boston University is designed for working human services professionals and social workers and the program is built around the schedule of working professionals. Combined with a convenient online learning format, the program allows individuals to earn an MSW degree while continuing to live and work in their communities. Tuition reimbursement by employers may also be available. Talk to your employer about the many ways your organization could benefit from tuition reimbursement at Boston University:

  • Investing in your education can cost an employer much less than recruiting, hiring and training someone with an advanced degree from outside the organization.
  • This program requires single internship, as opposed to the usual two, and offers the needed flexibility for working professionals.
  • Boston University School of Social Work graduates work in a variety of practice settings; among these are schools, health and mental health centers, and community-based and residential programs.

Online MSW Students

Tuition: $825 per credit hour
Student Services Fee: $60 per semester
Technology Fee: $60 per credit hour 


To discuss tuition rates and the many available sources for financial aid, call an admissions representative now at 877-308-9945 or request more information.

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