Boston University School of Social Work

Transfer Students

Transfer Students

The School accepts a limited number of transfer students each year. A student who has matriculated (or is matriculating) in another graduate social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education may apply for transfer-student status equal to a maximum of one half of the total credits needed for graduation from the Boston University School of Social Work. Applicants must be in good standing with the school from which they are transferring and should have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Transfer students must meet the School’s admission requirements. Your application must include all of the following before it can be considered:

  1. A completed application (please see Required Application Materials for details). You must have a grade of B or better in each graduate social work course for transfer credit to be considered. All courses must have been completed within five years of your anticipated enrollment in the School. Academic credit is not given for life experiences and previous work experience in lieu of field education or course requirements.
  2. A syllabus for each course being submitted for transfer credit.
  3. Part of the personal statement should include a discussion of why you are requesting transfer to the Boston University School of Social Work.
  4. An evaluation of your first-year fieldwork (or portion thereof), if applicable.
  5. A letter of good standing from the dean/director (or his/her designee) of the school of social work from which you wish to transfer. This letter is to be submitted in addition to the three required references.

Applicants transferring from another CSWE-accredited graduate social work program must upload a Petition to Transfer Credit Form for each course you are petitioning for and upload it to their application along with the supplemental materials.

Request for Individual Course Transfer Credits

Petitions for transfer credits for individual graduate social work or other graduate courses are to be submitted after acceptance to the School. Up to 9 credits may be received for courses taken on a non-matriculating basis at another accredited graduate school of social work. Up to 6 credits may be received for courses taken on a matriculating or non-matriculating basis in another accredited graduate program other than social work. Credits which have been applied to a prior degree cannot be transferred. In all cases, a course grade of B or higher must have been received and the course must have been taken within the past five years to be eligible for consideration for transfer credit.

Online Program: Transfer credit requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for courses identical to those offered in the Online MSW program.

Please contact for information on receiving credit for individual graduate-level courses and to request the Individual Course Transfer Credit form.

Course Waivers

Incoming students with exceptional prior course background in BUSSW foundation course areas may take a waiver exam for SR 743 Research I.

For incoming students, waiver exams must be completed prior to starting classes. The waiver exam policy does not apply to the advanced curriculum.

For more information, call 877-308-9945 to speak with an admissions representative, or request more information.


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