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A Strong History of Educational Excellence and Developing Leaders in the Field

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For nearly a century, Boston University School of Social Work (BUSSW) has been committed to education which furthers social and economic justice and empowerment of oppressed groups. BUSSW recognizes the ever-changing demands on the profession and strives to meet them through the highest quality of teaching, scholarship, research, practice, and political action. Our goal is to educate outstanding professional social workers in an intellectually rigorous environment.

Online MSW Majors

Clinical Social Work: Highly skilled social workers are needed in a variety of settings, including hospitals, child welfare and children’s services, and more.* Gain the professional tools to engage in purposeful conversations and therapeutic activities, working with individuals, families, and groups.

Macro Social Work: This program is ideal for those committed to championing change initiatives and tackling the root causes of social problems. Transform your passion into partnership with communities and organizations, employing the knowledge, policies, and strategies designed to improve living and social environments.

We've created this helpful infographic to help you understand the differences between these majors so you can make an informed decision about the area of practice that's best for you.

MSW Track Options - Align Your Experience With Career Goals

Boston University's online MSW program welcomes students who possess a bachelor’s degree in social work or a bachelor’s in another field. Incoming MSW students have varying levels of work experience in the field, so the online classroom offers a diverse network for students to engage with professionally.

Boston University's MSW program offers Macro and Clinical majors, with three different tracks, to make sure each student's graduate program is tailored to his or her experience. These three tracks are available to recognize academic and professional backgrounds.

  • Traditional MSW Track (TT): This track consists of 65 credits, which can be completed in three years over the course of nine semesters (fall, spring, and summer). Students take foundation and advanced courses online, attend live classroom sessions held Sunday or Monday nights, and complete two field internships.
  • Human Service Experience Track (HSE): Applicants who have a minimum of two years of supervised human services experience may be considered for the HSE track. The program consists of 65 credits, which can be completed in three years over the course of nine semesters (fall, spring, and summer). Students take foundation and advanced courses online, attend live classroom sessions held Sunday or Monday nights, and complete a single 1,000 hour field internship.
  • Advanced Standing Track (available now for Clinical applicants and in Fall 2017 for Macro candidates): This option is open to applicants with an undergraduate social work degree from a program accredited by CSWE. Students accepted into the advanced standing track are able to put 22-25 credit hours of previous coursework towards their MSW degree. The remaining 40-43 credits in the program must be taken at BUSSW or as part of a BUSSW-approved course of study. Students enroll in an advanced 1,000 hour field internship.

A rigorous field education experience is required of every MSW student. The field experience is a vital aspect of the social work graduate program curriculum which provides students with dynamic, hands-on practice within social work practice settings. Field education not only exposes students to the everyday activities they will utilize during their career in social work, but also gives them the opportunity to start making a difference in people’s lives before they even graduate.

An Online MSW With A Dynamic, Innovative Curriculum

The Online Master of Social Work Program from Boston University School of Social Work gives a new generation of social workers the opportunity to earn a degree from an internationally recognized institution that is one of America’s largest and most respected private research universities.

Our multimethod curriculum not only prepares students for social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities, but embodies the School’s emphasis on the empowerment of oppressed groups, and social and economic justice in city settings.

Combined with a convenient online learning format, the BUSSW Online MSW program allows individuals to earn an MSW degree while continuing to live and work in their communities.

Enhance Your Career and Create Change

Our program offers majors in Clinical Social Work and in Macro Social Work practice. This part-time MSW Program is designed for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills, advance professionally, and become eligible for professional licensure. Students take the required and elective courses online and complete one or two field internships (depending upon relevant work experience) within or near their geographic area receiving an MSW degree from an internationally recognized University with a reputation for academic excellence and leadership.

Experience in the Field

The BUSSW provides significant field placement support to its online students and strives to make the internship process a collaborative effort. Students who are currently working in the social work field may be able to complete one of their two internships at their place of employment. The internship must be in a different position, and have a different qualified supervisor, than the student’s current role in order for the internship to be considered as a placement. The BUSSW field education team evaluates and considers each placement once a student is enrolled in the MSW program.

BUSSW’s Online Program Field Education Department has experience placing students in the geographic areas in which they reside. Since its 2011 inception, the Field Education Department has placed over 350 students in 44 states.

Social Work from All Angles

Boston University School of Social Work is committed to educating highly skilled social workers who practice in a variety of public, private, and non-profit settings. Our graduates become leaders who possess the knowledge, skills and commitment to address the needs and capacities of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Our online MSW degree program offers majors in Clinical Social Work and in Macro Social Work practice. Students learn evidence based practice and work in a variety of settings including schools, health and mental health centers, and community based and residential programs.

The online program is available for individuals living in the USA except those from MD, NC and US territories. State licensing requirements differ from state to state. Please be sure to research the licensing requirements for your state.

Explore the Master of Social Work website to learn more about career opportunities for social workers with a master’s degree in social work and find answers to frequently asked questions about the program. To speak with an admissions representative right away, call 877-308-9945 or you can Request More Information and we’ll reach out to you.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Social Workers, (visited May 02, 2016).